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Big Eden Fic.

Title: Temptations
Fandom: Big Eden
Pairing: suggesting Henry/Dean, but ends with Pike/Henry
Rating: PG
Warnings: slash
Summary: Pike believes Henry has finally given into the temptation of his heart.
Author's Notes: For the record, I cannot write decently at all, and I know it. I suppose the reason for me doing this is to encourage others to write for the Big Eden fandom and to know...get this community active and some members because I love this movie so much. So, in other words, this is for entertainment purposes only. Not for writing critique, etc. No beta, so all mistakes are mine. Thanks!

Pike was never sure of what to do when it came to Henry. He didn't have a way with words as others did, nor did he comprehend how others could express their thoughts and feelings so freely. There was no doubt in his mind that he was in love with Henry Hart. That was certain. His only concern was actually about Henry himself. At first, he didn't think twice. After all, Henry decided not to go back to New York and stay here...with him. At least, that's what he had assumed at the time. However, now that they were slowly starting to take off, he couldn't help but notice Henry's lingering eyes.

It's never noticeable to the non-observer. Pike has always been aware of his surroundings as he usually never had the opportunity to bring his focus elsewhere. The first time was at the wedding. Henry was the first man, of course, and was handsome in his suit and tie. Pike was surprised by his own personal invitation, though he was sure Anna was the culprit for that. The whole time Henry could not take his eyes off of Dean and didn't speak with him the entire night; as expected, Pike was slightly confused and hurt, but he never brought it up.

The second time he wasn't even there. He was at the shop while Henry was supposedly at the school. The school added an art class as a part of the children's curriculum, and what better teacher than a famous artist? Jim came in later than usual, and spoke of, "Dean, Anna, and Henry still at the bar - how old are they? Twenty-five?". Lloyd argued that you're never too old to party, but otherwise no other comments were made. Again, Pike never mentioned it to Henry.

"You okay?", Jim asked one morning, sipping on his cappuccino. He figured Jim knew he wasn't; he personally thought of Jim as one of his best friends, as lousy as it may have seemed. "It doesn't seem like you and Henry are hanging out all that much."

Pike shrugged. His typical shy and quiet self was now in full bloom as it ever was."Well...what can I do?"

Jim was at a loss. No one in Big Eden could have ever seen this coming, not even him. Hadn't Henry and Pike been getting closer, or was he and the town just blinded by their own wants and desires? Pike sounded so defeated, so helpless. "Did anything happen?"

"Nope. Nothing....absolutely nothing."

Two weeks later, nothing changed. Pike only saw Henry when he came in for groceries or paint supplies, and then he was off again.

Now, Pike surmised that Henry was not coming back. Perhaps Henry's love for Dean could never be replaced for someone like him. Pike understood that he would have to accept that if he wanted to continue his life without his head hung down with self-pity.

"Pike?" Henry.

All Pike could do was turn to face the shorter man and stare, afraid if he spoke at all Henry would disappear again.

"I...I think I love you." Silence. "I realize that I haven't been nicest person to you for awhile, and I think it was because of everything and everyone's expectations. I was just scared, Pike. I've never been in love with someone besides Dean before."

Pike wanted to scream. He wanted to yell at Henry that he was selfish, and stubborn, and he shouldn't just show up here and apologize and expect to be forgiven.
But Pike could never say any of those things to Henry. Ever.

"It's okay Henry. Come inside."
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October 26 2010, 22:49:55 UTC 6 years ago

When I say a new fic I was so happy. This communty has gotten so dead it makes me sad since I loved the movie and it is one of my fav. You are not a bad writer, I really liked it.

I enjoyed this. Do you think Pike has been in love with Henry since high school or did he just start having those feelings when Henry returned to town? The fact that he knew all about Henry's successes in NY made me think the feelings were old. But Jim labelled the relationship a surprise, so maybe the feelings were new? What do you think?
i dunno.. i think i prefer the thought that Pike's feelings were new... or at most, maybe in school he could have wanted to be friend with Henri but Henri only had eyes for Dean and Pike was shy so he didnt want to impose. I got the feeling that Pike was confused about how he was feeling about Henri (during the movie era i mean), so yeah, i really think they were new feelings. I also dont like the thought of Pike pining for someone for years (it was sad enough that Henri did)