Diana Williams (dkwilliams) wrote in big_eden,
Diana Williams

Music Vid - "The Only Exception"

This was part of the festivids this year, and I forgot to post it here.

Song Title: The Only Exception
Singer: Paramour
Fandom: Big Eden
Pairing: Pike/Henry
Rating: PG
Format & Size: 22 MB DIVX
Summary:Pike has always kept a distance from everyone in his life, afraid of being hurt. Henry Hart is the only one that he might be willing to risk his heart with.

Location: For best quality, download from my vid site
Bam Vault streaming: http://vidders.net/video/the-only-exception
Also: the Festivid site for other comments

NOTES: This was my assigned vid, and Big Eden, a fandom very close to my heart. Laura47 said in her notes that she loved music by girls with guitars, and I saw the vid for "The Only Exception" and thought "Perfect!". I knew immediately that I wanted to focus on Pike, although it could be about either Pike or Henry. I had to cut the first verse which made me cry, because in my mind that could be canon for why Pike avoids intimacy with people - but there wasn't any possible source to use.
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